How To Host
The potential of World of Wisdom lies in it being a global network of local gatherings and communities, all connected to creatively explore a better future.

To host a World of Wisdom gathering in your area, start by checking out the 10 Guiding Principles and the Host Toolkit (which is constantly being developed) and filling out the simple Host Form. You should also join our forum to find information, ask questions and connect with other hosts.

Your gathering can be of any size (2-10,000 participants) and since it’s participatory, you’re only expected to do bare-minimum hosting. This includes: 

  • Honoring the 10 Guiding Principles
  • Finding the venue/area
  • Securing any necessary permits
  • Securing there’s a safety plan (fire and medical)
  • Making sure there are toilets
  • Handling ticketing and any participant grants
  • Handling participant communication (we recommend Autopia as a co-creation/planning tool)
  • Hosting an optional Nucleus Camp (a center camp dedicated to facilitating the shared journey, community ceremonies and working on local challenges)
Other than that, the participants are expected to bring and create whatever they need (based on the principle of Self-Reliance). So, simply head over to the forum, the Host Toolkit and fill out the Host Form to get started.