We believe in co-creating a better future by coming together to heal and develop – as individuals, local communities, organisations, and as a global society. Humanity is facing global challenges, affecting us all. At the same time, humanity holds more potential than ever before.

Have you ever dreamt of a world where collaboration replaces competition? Where connection is valued higher than possessions? Where work is fulfilling rather than draining?

World of Wisdom is a simple framework of 10 Guiding Principles for welcoming personal, local and global challenges using curiosity, playfulness and co-creation. It combines timeless wisdom, modern knowledge and human creativity. World of Wisdom is more than festivals or retreats. It’s an experiment in human development – a place for you to explore, grow, heal, connect, experiment, play and co-create.

All World of Wisdom gatherings are connected into a global network, allowing our personal engagement and local initiatives to form a global force for exploring a better future together. Anyone can create or join a World of Wisdom gathering anywhere in the world – offline and online.

Are you a scientists, artists, elder, hacker, builder, student, activist, citizen, dreamer, human?
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 open-source, co-created and constantly evolving community.

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